Members’ Spotlight

Mason, Roberta

In the Arms of the Sea
Photo: Matthew Booth
Watering Hole 1 (Series of 3)
Photo: Matthew Booth
Ceremonial Water Vessels
Photo: Matthew Booth
Listening to Whales
Photo:Matthew Booth
How far have we come?
Photo: Matthew Booth
Closer to Shore
Photo: Matthew Booth
Running with the Tide
Photo:Matthew Booth
Lighthousekeeping I & II
Photo: Matthew Booth
Winter Lagoon
Photo: Matthew Booth
Photo: Matthew Booth
Roberta Mason
Designer/ Maker

Roberta Mason, the designer/maker behind Blue Chromis Glass, uses kilnforming and hot glass techniques to create unique work that is strongly influenced by water. Her work often explores our relationship with the sea, it’s inhabitants and boundaries.

Details about work or recent projects

Recent projects have explored water from a ceremonial perspective, elemental to life as well as enclosed water.

Casting, Cold work, Hot glass, Kiln work, Other: sand carving
Artist, Student
Architectural, Decorative, Design, Functional, Sculptural
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Conferences, Exhibition, Networking, Techniques, Workshops