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Linda Norris

Campion Fields Linda Norris
Birth of The Simple Light Linda Norris
Her House is Air Photo by Toril Brancher
Blue Fields Linda Norris
River Day Linda Norris
Reef Linda Norris
River (diptych) Linda Norris
Conwy Castle Windows (with Rachel Philips) Linda Norris
Bonne Maman Linda Norris
Economy of Scale Linda Norris

I have made my living as an artist for 30 years. Firstly as a painter, in the last twenty years I have moved towards an emotional approach to landscape. I would say that the landscape has become my canvas – I go out and experience the landscape, the weather, absorb the feeling and colour and sound of it, and this feeds back to my work in the studio. Sometimes the influence is fairly immediate, but often it takes a long time, years even, for ideas to germinate and come to fruition in my painting.

I first came to glass 7 years ago with a painter’s desire to move beyond paint. Since then I have become drawn to explore the myriad possibilities that glass offers as a medium to allow me to make work with transmitted light, conceptual content, and work that moves in a poetic space between word and object.

Like my painting, my work with glass is very much underpinned by a fascination with the landscape, both as a visual and a metaphorical stimulus.

I live in Pembrokeshire with my partner and teenage daughter.

Details about work or recent projects

In 2012 I won the Warm Glass Prize for my piece ' Her House is Air'.

I am currently researching new work based on the interplay of art and science on Skokholm Island Bird Observatory. I am also making a glass “quilt” with 180 children in a local school.

SA66 7LB
United Kingdom
01437 532580
0777 3402129
Technique: Casting, Leaded and stained, Painting
Occupation: Artist, Educator, Gallery
Discipline: Architectural, Fine art, Public art
Areas of Interest: Competitions, Conferences, Education