Members’ Spotlight

Peter Cole

Diving Kingfisher Peter Cole
Black Watch Sword Peter Cole
Regatta Peter Cole
Breaking Wave Peter Cole
Regatta on Slate Base Peter Cole
Sea Scene Curve Peter Cole
Seashore Panel Peter Cole
Blue Dagger Peter Cole
Sharks Panel Peter Cole
Joia Glass

Joia Glass is handmade by Joy and Peter Cole, influenced by our love of natural forms and vibrant colours. Inspiration can come from a walk in the woods or on the beach, a sunset or cloud structure, waves, or from a found object: a stone, leaf, flower, textiles, driftwood; anything really! We like to try different ways of working with glass - its property to flow then 'freeze' in a new form to get effects of fluidity and texture.
Technique: Kiln work
Occupation: Artist
Discipline: Design, Decorative, Fine art
Areas of Interest: Competitions, Education, Exhibition