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Young, Sandra

Dragon Lamp
Deborah Husk 10/2015
Dragon on crystal quartz
Deborah Husk 10/2015
Ivy Leaf Torc and Bangle
Sandra Young
Deborah Husk 10/2015
Deborah Husk 10/2015
Deborah husk 10/2015
Large Wall Dragon
Deborah Husk 10/2015
Leafy Sea Dragon
Sandra Young
Insect Mobile
Flying Dragon
Deborah husk 10/2015
Sandra Young
Glass Sculptor

I am 53 and have been lamp working borosilicate glass for 30 years. Developing techniques to work solid glass to an unusually large scale and definition. Fascinated by the fluidity with change in temperature of the glass and changes in light reflecting within adds to the magical qualities, giving an ethereal feel to my creations.

Details about work or recent projects

Nature, myth an magic have always been central to my work and Dragons are still my signature pieces. I sometimes utilise pre-made lamps to form my sculptures around and also natural crystals and wood. My miniature fairies 'Twinkles' are a favorite and I also design and make sculptural jewellery and torcs.
In more recent years I have been teaching one to one classes to pass on some of my techniques.

Phone: 01672 851379
Flame working, Other
Artist, Educator
Decorative, Design, Sculptural
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