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Carolyn Barlow

Perdu Perdu Caro Barlow
Private house screen Private house screen Caro Barlow
Window panel Window panel Caro Barlow
Window for workshop/ theatre Window for workshop/ theatre Caro Barlow

I make windows with 'stained' or fused glass, mostly leaded. Ongoing experimentation with fusing and frits, also in setting glass in wood or concrete. My aim is to make colours dance in 3D effect in a room when light is behind them.

Details about work or recent projects

The most recent project is making windows for an innovative theatre/ workshop

Castle Douglas
Dumfries and Galloway
United Kingdom
Technique: Etching, Leaded and stained, Painting
Occupation: Artist
Discipline: Architectural, Decorative, Fine art
Areas of Interest: Competitions, Conferences, Exhibition