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Jagger, Vivienne

Karri Forrest
kiln formed: fused, slumped and cold worked multi layered sculpture
kiln formed, slumped and cold worked
Bowl. kiln formed, slumped and coldworked.
Ocean Depths V
270x170x350 Technique: Kiln formed. Multi layered fused glass incorporating prefired glass elements, slumped, cold worked and sandblasted
500x200x80mm technique: kiln formed. Fused slumped coldworked and sandblasted.
500x120x300mm. technique: kiln formed. Multi layered fused, cold worked and sandblasted.
Evening Sillouette
Kiln formed: fused, slumped and cold worked.
Ms. Vivienne Jagger

I started working in glass about 7 years ago from a background in industrial design and it has more or less taken over my life. The ''what if'' element of glass constantly engages me.

Details about work or recent projects

My work is kiln formed, slumped and coldworked. I am inspired by the natural landscape and seek to capture the colours and fluidity of nature in glass.

Cold work, Kiln work
Decorative, Design, Functional
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