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Spencer, Andrea

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Andrea Spencer
On the wing
Andrea Spencer
Carlisle Health Centre, Belfast.2007
Rory Moore
Bluestone , Craigavon Northern Ireland. 2008
Rory Moore
Andrea Spencer

Andrea Spencer's portfolio takes two divergent paths: public art commissions and autonomous sculpture.

The work she creates for commissioned public art works specialise in innovative applications of glass for the built environment, her small-scale sculpture and site-specific installations are concept driven. Throughout her work Spencer maintains an emphasis on the unique properties of glass, exploiting the intrinsic qualities of transparency, fragility and fluidity inherent within the material through the making process.

Details about work or recent projects

"The challenge of working to commission is to balance the fulfilment of a client’s brief with my own desire to innovate on the traditions of architectural glass. I’m constantly seeking to expand my own artistic vocabulary by experimenting with processes and applications, and to match that with content appropriate to the function of the architecture."

"My autonomous work is almost always informed by nature, drawing from natural forms and using images abstracted from nature to create artworks that carry a personal narrative."

Flame working, Kiln work
Architectural, Installation, Public art
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Conferences, Education