Members’ Spotlight


O the Opal and the Sapphire of that Wandering Western Sea, NATURALLY exhibition 2012
Johnny Korkman
Sea Shells at FINNISH GLASS LIVES 6 exhibition 2010
Finnish Glass Museum
Echoes, Exhibition Caisa Cultural Centre Helsinki, 2015
Johnny Korkman
Midsummer Birches.
Johnny Korkman
Seaside from "Studio E 5 Years" exhibition 2013
Lynda Addison
Into the Wood I go
Johnny Korkman
Lantern and dish at REFLECTION exhibition 2006
Tony Addison
Midsummer Bonfire, from TALES exhibition 2007
Johnny Korkman
Infra Red, ECHOES Exhibition, Caisa Cultural Centre, Helsinki, 2015
Johnny Korkman
Coral Garden, FROM THE HEART exhibition 2008
Lynda Addison
Lynda Addison

I moved to Helsinki in February 1998. After months in a black and white world (a Finnish winter!) I wanted COLOUR and I found it working with stained glass. Since then I have taken every opportunity to study and work with glass (hot, warm and cold), using as many different techniques as possible. The variety in my work reflects this, as does my Finnish vocabulary! I also make mixed media pieces, using my own photographs and monoprints.

Details about work or recent projects

My creative impulse comes from the heart. I am inspired by the beauty of nature around me, enjoy experiencing different countries and cultures, and I am always eager to try something new. My glass art is unique, and designed for the enjoyment of colour and light.

Studio E, Hämeentie 103A
Helsinki 00550
Kiln work, Leaded and stained, Other: Mixed media, screen printing, enamel drawing
Decorative, Design, Functional
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Exhibition, Workshops