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Ballard, Jane

Tribal Shield
Jane Ballard

Jane has lived in four countries - her inspiration comes from those diverse landscapes and cultures. Her art education started with sculpture and drawing, later, living in New England, Jane studied stained glass with Boston artist, Carolyn Stock. She broadened her experience taking several master classes with Jayne Persico, Emma Varga, Bob Leatherbarrow and studied lampworking with Barbara Mason.

Details about work or recent projects

Using compatible fusing glass, Jane adds unusual elements of water-cut and dichroic shapes to her projects. She also fuses pattern bars and forms glass by the aperture pour method.

The Old Greyhound Coach House
Rainbow Street
Leominster HR6 8DQ
United Kingdom
Casting, Cold work, Leaded and stained
Artist, Educator
Decorative, Design, Functional
Areas of Interest:
Advertising, Conferences, Education