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Lyne, Ruth

Frost pendant
Joanne Withers
Silver Frost
Joanne Withers
Shoal Pendant
Joanne Withers
Joanne Withers
Frost pendants
Joanne Withers
Shoal pendants
Joanne Withers
Pebble pendants
Joanne Withers
Ruth Lyne

On holiday as a child, I loved beach combing, spending many hours with my collections of tiny treasures. I hope this jewellery can evoke similar memories of finding the perfect pebble glistening in the sunshine.

Although inspired by the coast, I make each item of jewellery in my studio in rural Northamptonshire, a long way from the sea.

Details about work or recent projects

I cut sheets of handmade glass into very small pieces and fuse them together in a kiln, at temperatures of over 800 °C or 1470 °F, combining transparent and opal glass with dichroic and iridescent layers to create jewels that catch the light and shimmer with every movement

...perfect for jewellery.

Kiln work
Areas of Interest:
Exhibition, Marketing, Networking