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Stacey, Pippa

Feather Bowl
Will Stacey
Wedding Anniversary Glass Book
Pippa Stacey
Poppy Bowl
Pippa Stacey
Optical Bowl 'Spin me'
Will Stacey
Bird's Nest
Pippa Stacey
Pippa Stacey
Glass Artist

When I started working in glass, playing with coloured glass and the effects of light on it became an inspiration and compulsion for me. My glasswork is varied, from the magical world of my glass book and its related curiosities, to glass bowls and panels, using printing, hand-painting and etching techniques.

Details about work or recent projects

"In every piece of glasswork I do, drawing always comes first”
Glass gives my illustrative work an almost magical dimension
A strong sense of line is important together with the play on silhouette shape, shadows
and light
I enjoy ‘hiding’ imagery in my drawings, encouraging you to look more closely

30 Kingsthorpe Rd
London SE26 4PG
United Kingdom
Kiln work, Leaded and stained, Painting: Gilding
Artist, Educator
Decorative, Design, Jewellery
Areas of Interest:
Education, Exhibition, Workshops