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Smith, Catherine

Parallels in nature
Landscape #3
Stacked lilypond
'All roads lead to home'
'Long roads home' triptych
Abstracted tree branches #1
Abstracted tree branches #2
Abstracted tree forms
Catherine Smith

Catherine is a contemporary applied artist, specialising in kiln fused glass and sandblasting. She comes from a small rural village in Hertfordshire. Her work is inspired by the love for her home, and the natural landscape around her.
She fuses multiple layers of hand drawn images on to glass and etches into the surface, experimenting with the transparency and clarity of vision. She enjoys manipulating the surface qualities of glass, by using etching techniques, to accentuate features and establish more texture and depth within her work. Catherine creates glass for interiors, integrating the beauty of the landscape within the home; from small personalised etched pieces, to larger fused glass panels.

Etching, Kiln work
Decorative, Design
Areas of Interest:
Exhibition, Marketing, Workshops