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Jonathan Harris

Cased silver graal Humingbird JHSG
Intrinsic cameo Dragonfly JHSG
Silver leaf gilding JHSG
Cameo & Graal commission pieces JHSG
Silver Graal opal fish JHSG
Intrinsic cameo group JHSG
Multi core colour overlay intrinsic Peony JHSG
Asprey Seahorse Commission vases JHSG
Cup cased Iris cameo. Carved inside & outside JHSG
Large cased silver & gold graal dragonfly paperweight. JHSG

For more than two decades, I have researched, developed and refined a repertoire of complex studio glass techniques, in particular, hand carved cameo and gräal.
My fascination with fusing detailed graphic imagery with the molten fluidity of hot glass, its translucency, reflective qualities and its potential as a vehicle for colour, have constantly enthused my passion to push the boundaries and create beautiful and innovative works of artglass. Labelled the UK’s leading exponent of gold and silver leaf in the production of hand carved cameo, reheated cameo and gräal, I endeavour to continue evolving my skills. I am committed to exploring new ideas and hope that my technical finesse and dexterity grows with my commitment to excellence and that each design possesses a timeless quality.

Woodland House 24 Peregrine Way Apley
United Kingdom
01952 246381
01952 248555
Technique: Cold work, [field_profile_occupation_other] , Engraving, [field_profile_occupation_other] , Hot glass, [field_profile_occupation_other]
Occupation: Artist, [field_profile_area_other], Gallery, [field_profile_area_other], Trade and Industry, [field_profile_area_other]
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