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Symmonds, Naomi

Anti-war signs
Luke Butcher Photography
Technological Identity
Luke Butcher Photography
Stuck between Iraq and a hard place
Division - Triptic
Naomi Symmonds

I am currently the Foundation Link Artist in Residence in Glass at Farnham University for the Creative Arts. I have recently graduated from BA(Hons) Three Dimensional Design: Glass.
I typically base my work around the subject of war. I have worked with many different glass techniques since my degree started, but the work I create does tend to lend itself more to kiln formed glass.
I intend to continue my residency at UCA and also look for work experience as an intern with an established glass maker in the future.

Details about work or recent projects

Anti-war signs: Work based on an illegal occupation and 'War for Oil' in Iraq.
Stuck between Iraq and a hard place: Commemorative wall for both sides of the Iraq war.
Division: Division in the Middle East since Sykes Picot agreement.

Casting, Cold work, Kiln work
Artist, Student
Design, Fine art, Public art
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Exhibition, Techniques