Members’ Spotlight

Nicola Ransom

Passing Series 2006 Photo-Marcus Clackson
Watching, Wondering 2006 Photo-Marcus Clackson
Contemplation Series 2006 Photo-Nicola Ransom
Glass Artist & Designer

Inspiration for my work is drawn from the world around me. I explore these observations through kiln formed glass, intricately cutting and layering float glass, drawing and collaging with natural materials, wire and coloured glass to create both abstracted and figurative imagery.

Details about work or recent projects

My artworks evolve through experimentation, expressing motion and depth through layering and reflection, drawing the viewer in to explore. I am interested by the interrelation of wall-hung artworks and windows framing the view of the world, the idea that an image, thought, or moment in time is bound within an actual or implied framework.
Technique: Casting, Etching, Kiln work
Occupation: Artist, Educator
Discipline: Architectural, Fine art, Installation
Areas of Interest: Competitions, Conferences, Exhibition