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Julia Webster

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Glasszoo Ltd
Creative Director

Julia is a glass designer and uses a variety of processes including glass blowing, fusing, casting and centifuging to produce unique glass works for exhibitions and commissions. She also offers courses in kiln formed glass at Glasszoo Studios in Guildford Surrey, taught by various specialist professionals.

Details about work or recent projects

Julia explores qualities of balance, movement, light and colour in her recent mouth blown and manipulated sculptures. Starting points and inspiration include gestural movement and marks generated by brush calligraphy, life drawing and her dance photography. This series of lively blown glass pieces investigates the dynamic qualities of movement and form and combinations of harmonious and complementary colour. They make a bold correlation between shapes generated by dancers in dynamic motion with the stretched contours formed in the glass that seek to capture fleeting moments in the drama of performance.

Technique: Casting, Etching, Hot glass
Occupation: Artist, Trade and Industry, Educator
Discipline: Architectural, , Design, , Decorative,
Areas of Interest: Competitions, Conferences, Education