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Welch, Elizabeth

Blue/ Purple Vase
Hemma Mason Photography
Hemma Mason Photography
Red Octopus
Hemma Mason Photography
Green Poison
Hemma Mason Photography
Pink Poison
Miss Elizabeth Welch

By making both Blown Glass and Flameworked Glass I am able to express my emotions in a creative manner. Molten Glass is magical, by working with its natural tendencies in the flame I create whimsical and imaginative sculptures and jewellery pieces.

Details about work or recent projects

I began my fascination with glass in 2009, graduating with Ceramics and Glass from Bucks New University.
Glass is both a solid and a liquid, it is beautiful and fragile, yet can be dangerous and strong, it is a magical material in both its molten and solid state.
Working with Hot Glass forces me to intuitively and actively engage with the material. Each piece is a partnership between myself and the material. The connection between my mind and my hands, the flow of the material and my own emotions results in a piece of work that expresses my inner self.

Flame working, Hot glass
Decorative, Jewellery, Sculptural
Areas of Interest:
Exhibition, Networking, Techniques