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Isaksson, Elin

'Liquid Ice' bowl Ltd ed 2013
Shannon Tofts
'Ivy' chandelier with fibre optics and hand blown glass elements
Artist 2013
Roock pools 2013
Shannon Tofts
Oil lamp 2014
Shannon Tofts
Shoots sculptural
Shannon Tofts
Dew Drop sculpture 2014
Shannon Tofts
Cylinder vase 2013
Shannon Tofts
Whisky glass 2013
Shannon Tofts
Dew Drop sculpture (small) 2014
Shannon Tofts
Glass tile with blown shards 2014
Shannon Tofts
Mrs. Elin Isaksson
Glass Blower & Designer

Contemporary & elegant hand blown Scandinavian glass forms.
Gifts, sculpture and lighting projects are made by Swedish glass artist Elin Isaksson. Bespoke service available for private & corporate projects like awards and special gifts etc.

Glass blowing courses monthly, for info visit

Details about work or recent projects

Elin has 15 years experience of working with Scandinavian and European glass making techniques and can offer a bespoke service which includes design, prototype and manufacture.

Inspiration is often drawn from her travels: ranging from the cold north of Sweden to the exotic Asia, always intrigued by the play of light and textures in nature.

‘Making glass is a way of accessing a world increasingly excluded from our everyday life.’

Touch Estate
Stirling FK8 3AH
United Kingdom
Hot glass
Decorative, Functional, Installation, Public art, Sculptural
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Competitions, Exhibition, Manufacturing, Networking