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Howe, Jude

Standing Form - 40cm fused, tack fused and slumped
Open Form - kiln formed glass with stainless steel
Resistance (detail) fused, tack fused and slumped
Red/Orange Form - kiln formed glass and glazed stoneware
Aqua - fused and slumped
Spring Green Form 40cm - fused and slumped
Wingbeats - fused and slumped
Resistance - fused, tack fused and slumped
Red Plant Form - kiln formed glass, glazed stoneware and stainless steel
Jude Howe

My work is based around the experience of living in East Yorkshire, very close to the sea . The colours, textures and sensual properties of the shore and surrounding environment are portrayed in mixed media pieces. Translucent kiln formed glass reflects the coastal light.

Details about work or recent projects

Several of my sculptures in glass, ceramic and steel will form part of the 'Art in the Garden' exhibition, at the prestigious Hillier gardens, Hampshire 17th May - 19th October 2014. They will be shown alongside around 70 selected works

Kiln work
Decorative, Fine art, Sculptural
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Competitions, Exhibition, Workshops