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Elliott, Rachel

Fox in a Henhouse
Colin Tennant Photography, 2012
Fragile Entomology (Quiet)
Colin Tennant Photography, 2012
Rachel Elliott, 2011
Paul Adair, 2011
Simon Bruntnell, 2010
Miss Rachel Elliott
Glass Artist

Rachel works full time with kiln-formed glass in her studio in Edinburgh, Scotland making sculpture and gifts, She also teaches short classes in various glass making techniques.

Details about work or recent projects

She is inspired by the intricate details of life and her work is essentially a representational comment on the world surrounding us as well as a constant challenge to her technical abilities. Mostly working with kiln-formed glass, which essentially requires great planning and preparing of the glass, whether that is with molds or applying enamels, prior to placing it in the kiln and programming it to heat and cool the glass in a certain way. It can sometimes take weeks to prepare a firing and unexpected things can occur, but it is this troubleshooting element that Rachel relishes and keeps her engaged with the material.

51 Linndale Oval
Glasgow East Lothian G45 9QT
United Kingdom
Kiln work, Painting
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Conferences, Networking