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Ian Barrowcliffe

Sea Dragon Boro Glass
Red Octopus
Scorpion Tail
Orchid Mantis
Leaf Cutter Ant
Exotic frog
Hermit Crab Looking for a new Home
Sea Dragon Ian
wasp Spider
Ians 4D
Artist/ Previously a Mech Design Eng

The facination that glass is silica just amazes me. I started glass working in the early 80's after trying various
other media. Etching's and carving across South Africa, Working with both corporate and interior designers.I moved to Hogsback SA and built a furnass and Kiln. The fascination began.
Flameworking has allowed me to express my love for nature through a completely different form.

Details about work or recent projects

At present I Flamework with boro, Borosilicate glass (pyrex) has a COE of 33, so very hard glass and sometime very temperamental to work with. Most of the work is related to nature from Octopus to dragonflies. i do hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Technique: Flame working, Kiln work, Other
Occupation: Artist
Discipline: Design, Functional, Jewellery
Areas of Interest: Exhibition, Manufacturing, Techniques