Members’ Spotlight

Alex Blakey

Direct casting of the architecture from The Corn Exchange
Remember this necklaces (split second memories entrapped in glass)
The mills collection edition 1
Alx Creations
glass designer

History lies around us

Memories lie within us

Both are moments in time

Some are ephemeral; some are carved in our souls

At Alx Creations I endeavour to hold those memories and the emotions they evoke, in beautiful, handcrafted glass. I work on a range of pieces from architectural glass and public art to smaller works of art for the home and jewellery. I am also available to create bespoke pieces for a range of customers and run one to one workshops.

Details about work or recent projects

I have worked on a number of different pieces. These range from a large temporary sculpture commission for The Corn Exchange, Manchester, to bespoke pieces of jewellery and artworks. Alx Creations is currently working on a large range of works based on the historic mills of west yorkshire.

Unit 3B Spa field industrial estate
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Technique: Casting, Cold work, Kiln work
Occupation: Artist
Discipline: Architectural, Design, Public art
Areas of Interest: Advertising, Exhibition, Techniques