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Hough, Catherine

Seascape 4 CGS.jpg Form-L.27cm. W.22 Ht.22 Base-42x36cmx6mm
Photo - C.Hough
Seascape 3 CGS.jpg Lge.Form-L.21cm. W.17 Ht.15 Base-38x27cmx6mm.
Photo - C.Hough
Sea View 2 CGS jpg Form-L.26cm.W.12 Ht.12 Base-35x22cm.x6mm.
Photo - C.Hough
Reflective Seascape Form-L.32cm. W.22 Ht.15 Base-54x42cm.x6mm.
Photo - Ester Segarra
Gull Rock 3. Form-L.18cm. W.12 Ht.12 Base-36x24x2cm.
Photo - Ester Segarra
Which Way To Go? Lge. Dome-Diam.25cm. Ht.15cm.Base40x40
Photo - C.Hough
Spherical Form 4 on Black Base. Sphere Diam. 26cm.
Photo - Kevin Nicholson
Flight - Ht.40cm. Spread 34cm.
Photo - Kevin Nicholson
Catherine Hough

The exploration of form and material has always been central to my work. The essential starting point of any piece is the creation of a free blown glass form which is then transformed by the use of coldworking techniques.
Recently I have been re-interpreting my use of these techniques in combination with my interest in photography, nature and environmental concerns. Through the manipulation of images on single or multiple forms I am exploring the interaction of form, line and movement, transparency and reflection.

Unit 11
43 Carol Street
London NW1 0HT
United Kingdom
Cold work, Hot glass
Artist, Educator
Decorative, Design, Sculptural
Areas of Interest:
Education, Exhibition, Workshops