Members’ Spotlight

Catherine Hough

Sea Watching - Ht. 38cm & 33cm. Base 40x40cm. Photo - C.Hough
Interaction. Form1- Ht.15cm. Width 25cm. Form2 Ht.7 W.16. Photo - C.Hough
Coast Line. Width 29 Depth 9. Ht.12.5cm. Base 35x22cm. Photo- C.Hough
Gull Rock. Width 14cm. Depth 10cm. Ht.10cm. Base 25x20cm. Photo - C.Hough
Which Way To Go? Lge. Dome-Diam.25cm. Ht.15cm.Base40x40 Photo - C.Hough
Jade Tree Vase. Ht. 45cm. Photo - C.Hough
Spherical Form 4 on Black Base. Sphere Diam. 26cm. Photo - Kevin Nicholson
Flight - Ht.40cm. Spread 34cm. Photo - Kevin Nicholson

The exploration of form and material has always been central to my work. The essential starting point of any piece is the creation of a free blown glass form which is then transformed by the use of coldworking techniques.
Recently I have been re-interpreting my use of these techniques in combination with my interest in photography, nature and environmental concerns. Through the manipulation of images on single or multiple forms I am exploring the interaction of form, line and movement, transparency and reflection.

0207 284 0702
Technique: Cold work, Hot glass
Occupation: Artist, Educator
Discipline: Decorative, Sculptural
Areas of Interest: Conferences, Education, Exhibition