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Britton, Julia

'New Start'
Photograph by the artist
Julia Britton
Artist and Art Psychotherapist

It is not until we have seen the darkness that we can truly appreciate the beauty of the light.

I am an artist ( and art psychotherapist ( based in Northamptonshire, UK. My identity as an artist is very much grounded in my training as an art psychotherapist. Each series of fused glass work is a focused exploration of emotional experiences, theoretical or philosophical concepts related to my experience of life and of art psychotherapy.
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Details about work or recent projects

I mostly work intuitively in glass, letting the materials and my feelings inspire my designs. Images I have seen in nature or in dreams find their way into the pieces. The designs that arise through this process provide metaphors for my conscious and unconscious emotions. It is a meditative process in which I reflect on the feelings that arise from the shapes, colours and lines of the glass and the wire as I work. I then explore these images further to produce a series based on a particular theme that has arisen through the process of making my artwork. The resulting images provide reflections of my inner emotional world.

Kiln work
Fine art
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