Members’ Spotlight

Angela Hume

Double mask Angela Hume
Stuck in the pot Angela Hume
Repurposed bottles Raske Jaske
Repurposed bottles Raske Jaske
Recycled glass cast Angela Hume
repurposed bottles Angela Hume
Strata Angela Hume
Mask Angela Hume
Glass bottle apex in my studio Angela Hume

After a career working with children and in the last ten years hearing impaired pupils in a secondary school I decided to embark on furthering my own education and started my degree two years ago. I am studying 3D Contemporary Craft and have been enticed for the last year by working with glass.

Details about work or recent projects

I work with recycled/ reclaimed glass pushing the envelope of creativity and expect and challenge myself with the multiple technical issues that occur. I enjoy the experimentation and exploration in discovering the new uses for the material I have chosen. I am currently working on my York Open Studios exhibition 2014, these pieces are looking at the Yorkshire landscape and deep strata layers.
Technique: Casting, Cold work, Kiln work
Occupation: Student
Discipline: Other,
Areas of Interest: Exhibition, Networking, Workshops