Members’ Spotlight

David Gee

Confetti splash plate
Fire vase

David currently lives between London and Stockbridge and started making glass pieces in 2009 at the London Glassblowing studio in Bermondsey, London.

Working with molten glass at close quarters, allowing it to move and flow gently, forming it into shape, he introduces rich, vibrant colours and transforms simple pieces of glass into objects which resonate with life.

“Most of my work is about colour and the shapes of the colours, and many pieces are inspired by the natural elements – from desert landscapes to the lochs, rivers and hillsides of the West Highlands, where we are currently building a home.”

Details about work or recent projects

I'm delighted that the Doubtfire Gallery in Edinburgh is putting on a small exhibition of my glass alongside some very fine paintings by the late Hugh Murdoch.

Please do try to get to the gallery to see both exhibitions, which are on from Saturday 11 May to Saturday 08 June 2013.

The gallery is at 1-3 South East Circus Place, Edinburgh EH3 6TJ and is open 10:00-17:00 Monday to Saturday.
Technique: Hot glass
Occupation: Artist, Other
Areas of Interest: Exhibition, Technical queries, Workshops