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Vaughan, Sheryl

Sheryl Vaughan
Emerald Energy
My entry into The Glass Prize 2014 - Sheryl Vaughan
Cast Gaffer glass - Sheryl Vaughan
Iced Wire
Fused layering of glass, wire and enamels - Sheryl Vaughan
Sheryl Vaughan
Sheryl Vaughan
2nd in the series of my lost wax cast lamps - Sheryl Vaughan
Fish Pond
Screen printed enamel on blown glass - Sheryl Vaughan
Hot glass inclusions in centrifugal spun plate - Sheryl Vaughan
Sheryl Vaughan

I study 3DD Art (BA Hons) at UCA Farnham. Previously I studied Fashion & Design, Ceramics, Photography, lampworking and fused glass. I was awarded NIACE Regional Student of the Year Award (North London) 2012. All these disciplines have led me to have the confidence and ambition to undergo a degree.

Details about work or recent projects

For the finish of my 2nd year I exhibited in a show entitled 'Tru Beginnings' in The Garden Gallery, Museum of Farnham 5th & 6th April, 2014 - based on artists who realised their love of a medium from early childhood and have continued their pursuit of it through to a degree. I was also given my first commission which I successfully completed before finishing the academic year.
After finishing a project based on duplication, I entered The Glass Prize 2014 with the entry 'Emerald Energy', but even though I did not win this competition, I went on to sell this piece to a couple in Denmark who saw and liked it on Facebook.

Now in my 3rd and final year, my hard work and determination has led to good grades and It looks like I may be on track for a 'First'.

Casting, Hot glass, Kiln work: Cold Work, Flame Working
Decorative, Design, Other: mixed media disciplines incorporating metals and ceramics. Installation, sculptural, functional
: sponsorship, workshops, manufacturing, networking
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Exhibition, Techniques: sponsorship, workshops, manufacturing, networking