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Hart, Laura

Phalaenopsis Phenomena - Striking Pink
Photo by Laura Hart
Phalaenopsis Phenomena - Vanilla Blush
Photo by Laura Hart
Star Fire
Photo - Laura Hart
Pansy Orchid - Fuchsia Crush
Photo - Laura Hart
Vanda Orchid
Photo - Laura Hart
Pink Cymbidium (25cm)
Photo - Laura Hart
Day Lily
Photo - Laura Hart
Bee Orchid (Ophrys apifera) Sienna
Photo - Laura Hart
Red Field Poppy
Photo - Laura Hart
Laura Hart
Glass artist

I have worked in a variety of mediums to sate my artistic passion, but in 2009 I discovered kiln formed and cast glass - I haven't looked back since. The versatility and fragility of the medium will continue to keep my over-active imagination busy for as long as it still ticks . . .

Details about work or recent projects

Phalaenopsis Phenomena Collection - 2012 - Fused & Kiln formed glass orchids.

Lily collection - 2013 - Fused and Kiln-formed Lily vessels.
Poppy Collection - 2013 - Fused and kiln-formed Poppy vessels.
Vanda Orchid Collection - 2013 - Fused and kiln-formed Vanda orchid vessels.
Pansy and Cymbidium Collection - 2013

Casting, Cold work, Kiln work
Decorative, Fine art, Sculptural
Areas of Interest:
Competitions, Exhibition, Networking