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Hopkinson, Simon

Controlled bubble and ariel imagery. (detail)
Graal artefact with controlled bubbles.(detail)
Ariel imagery with submerged colour (detail)
Abstract ariel imagery (detail)
simon hopkinson

Simon has recently been awarded an MPhil in the Applied Arts from De Montfort University, Leicester. His research involved investigating methods for the application and control of complex air patterns within blown glass.

Details about work or recent projects

My work involves the application of drawn symbolic imagery within simple but heavy glass forms. To achieve this I use complicated techniques based on ariel or graal methods. I am also interested in the reflective and refractive optical effects that these images generate within the glass form. Each piece is time consuming but results in a unique work of art.

Cold work, Etching, Hot glass
Decorative, Design, Fine art
Areas of Interest:
Exhibition, Manufacturing, Techniques