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Karin Walland

The Sea Gave, The Sea Took The Sea Gave, The Sea Took Karin Walland
Guilt Guilt Artist
Childhood Summer Childhood Summer Karin Walland
Feminist and female issues Feminist and female issues Karin Walland

I hold a BA in Fine Art and an MA in Glass with distinction

Details about work or recent projects

I use mostly recycled glass, expressing memory, loss, brokenness, death and new life, resurrecting and transforming the glass through both kilnforming and cold processes giving it new life.

Technique: Casting, [field_profile_occupation_other] , Cold work, [field_profile_occupation_other] , Engraving, [field_profile_occupation_other]
Occupation: Artist, Educator
Discipline: Architectural, Design, Decorative
Areas of Interest: Competitions, Conferences, Education