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Greer, Candice-Elena

Nulife Glass cufflinks made from recycled TV glass
Photo: Simon Bruntnell
Nulife Glass furnace glass flow
Glass Eco kitchen worksurface using Nulife Glass recycled TV glass
Photo: GlassEco
Inaugural British Glass Biennale 2004, Lower Glass House, Ruskin Glass Centre, Stourbridge
Photo: Simon Bruntnell
Wearing Glass 2005, Oxo Tower, London,
Necklace by Karina Guevin
Wearing Glass 2006, National Glass Centre, Sunderland
British Glass Biennale 2008, Ruskin Glass Centre
'Periodic Table'
Past & Present Exhibition, 2012, Gallery at London Glassblowing, Photo: Ester Segarra
'Periodic Table', detail of glass 'elements'.
Artist: Candice-Elena Greer, Photo: Ester Segarra
Candice-Elena Greer
Creative Director

My move from fine art to studio glass began at London Glass Blowing in 1994 where in subsequent years I became a freelance curator specialising in glass jewellery and glass art exhibitions. In 2004 I was introduced to Nulife Glass’ unique furnace technology that recycles the glass from older style televisions, otherwise known as cathode ray tubes or CRTs. The process extracts metallic lead from the CRT glass and with my background in the creative sector and glass, I have collaborated with many artists to develop new products from the recycled material.

Details about work or recent projects

Nulife Glass is currently building its second furnace for the recycling company SWEEEP Kuusakoski in Kent.
Nulife Glass is supporting the Glass Heap Challenge UK, 20 -27 August 2012, part of the International Festival of Glass. Nulife Glass are Opportunity and Waste Glass sponsors for this event.

Other: Glass recycling
Other: Creative director - Nulife Glass
Areas of Interest:
Manufacturing, Marketing, Networking