Members’ Spotlight

Rachel Kruger

"Easy Living" "Easy Living" Rachel Kruger - 2011
Cooker Splashback Cooker Splashback Rachel Kruger - 2011
Bead Braclet Bead Braclet Rachel Kruger
Dishes Dishes Rachel Kruger 2010
Crafty Glass Designs
Fused Glass Artist

Rachel Kruger & John Hoath, Fused Glass artistes, work together under the banner of Crafty Glass Designs, after meeting on a training course with glass artist Erna Piechna-Sowersby, from their studios in Sussex & France. Work includes - Wall Art: Dishes: Bowls: Clocks: Coasters: Jewellery: Commissions.

Details about work or recent projects

Recent projects include a large Cooker Splashback, and an exhibition of Wall Art at the New Tunbridge Wells Hospitial in Pembury, Kent
Technique: Casting, Cold work, Kiln work
Occupation: Casting, Cold work, Flame working
Discipline: Design, Decorative, Functional
Areas of Interest: Competitions, Conferences, Exhibition