We hope that you will find this section full of useful information, contacts and things that are going on, whether you are an artist, collector, gallery, magazine editor, a student or simply just love glass and are interested in learning more about what is available.

Scottish Glass Society

The Society, formed in 1979, was established to promote the development of the art and craftsmanship of glass making in its many variations in Scotland. Our aim is to advance the public appreciation of glass making as an art form.

Selection guidelines for online Gallery Exhibitions

Criteria for online Gallery Submissions:

1. Please ensure that the image submitted is not a cropped detail of your piece. The image should be of the entire piece of work. Cropped images or small details will not be accepted.

2. Please ensure that the quality of photography is as professional as possible. There is a guide to photography on the website above.

3. Please ensure that the image is of a decent size. All guidelines are on website. If image is small, the image will appear grainy and pixelated when submitted and may be rejected on these grounds.

4. Please enure that the setting of the piece photographed is as professional and as clear as possible. We would recommend no background details such as mantlepieces, windows, room scenes etc. A clean, white, black or grey background would be the most suitable.

5. Please ensure that your image is accompanied by all other relevant information, name, contact details, title, description etc. Any images without accompanying information will be rejected.

6. Please note that your image will have been received through the website ( by logging on to your profile and clicking the exhibition button). All pieces submitted with be selected and juried by the CGS Committee or invited guest curator.

7. Please make sure that you have not submitted this piece to a prior CGS gallery show.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shipley Art Gallery (UK)

Home to the broadest range of contemporary craft outside London.

Short film about Katherine Coleman

A short film by Anthony Scala.

Simon Bruntell

The Ruskin Glass Centre, Wollaston Rd, Stourbridge DY8 4HF United Kingdom
01384 399465 07850 389513

Society of Glass Technology (UK)

The objects of the Society of Glass Technology are to encourage and advance the study of the history, art, science, design, manufacture, after treatment, distribution and end use of glass of any and every kind.

Specialist Toughened Glass Ltd

Specialist Toughened Glass Ltd

Ceramic printing onto flat glass. Printing @1440 dpi. Ceramic based ink fuses into the glass during toughening. UV stable and waterproof. Imagery and vectors can also be turned into a sandblast effect which doesn't become transparent when wet.

Stained Glass Making

Two sets of tutorials covering both copper foil and lead came in depth. Packed with lots of original, annotated photos and the best videos on the web to help you.

You name it, you can learn it... cutting, foiling, polishing, attaching hooks, framing, making a beaded soldered edge, soldering, leading, cementing. It's all here:

How To Make Stained Glass With Copper Foil

Making Stained Glass Using Lead Came