Glass Skills programme

Glass Skills 2013:

Twelve months of celebrations of exhibitions, events and workshops that explore the fusion of art and technique.

Glass Skills explores the part that glass-makers play in both keeping ancient skills alive, and in adapting them into innovative and original art for today.

As well as two major CGS-organised shows, there’ll be linked exhibitions with some of the most important organisations and galleries in the UK, presenting 'An Unbroken Line' of glassmaking skill, taking us from the ancient past, through the creative present and into the future.

There's a full-to-bursting online noticeboard packed with fine examples of where to see and buy contemporary glass, learn how to make it, refine your skills and see mesmeric demonstrations.  There'll be an exciting conference at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland, a quarterly magazine packed with tips and insights and all the best in who's who glass, and our online gallery will sparkle with range of complementary exhibitions and artist showcases.

All in all, we will present the ingenuity and sheer talent glass artists have at their fingertips – a legacy we can’t afford to lose.

So, join us on a journey of enchantment and discovery with Glass Skills 2013.

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Images right;
middle - Markku Salo
bottom - Wendy Fairclough