'Strike a Balance'

Balance is concerned with the distribution of visual interest- what is where in a composition. Balance can also be described as achieving equilibrium. Many people automatically gravitate to symmetry.

There are two systems for achieving balance: symmetry and asymmetry. Symmetry- a mirror image and Asymmetry- without symmetry

Symmetrical balance is also called formal balance because a form (formula) is used- a mirror image about a vertical axis. The results look formal, organized and orderly.

Balance doesn't necessarily mean symmetry, however. Asymmetrical ("informal") balance occurs when elements are placed unevenly in a piece, but work together to produce harmony overall.

Balance is usually a desirable characteristic within artistic works. There are times, however, when it is desirable to deliberately throw the balance off in order to call more attention to some aspect of an image.

36 artists share their work for this themed show.

Launched on: 30th December 2014