'Softly, softly- Part 2' : A personal selection of 5 artists by Angela Jarman

The CGS is delighted to present the exhibition 'Softly, softly-Part 2'. The exhibition presents a stunning display of work from 5 Artists: Jeffrey Sarmiento, Bruno Romanelli, Galia Amsel, April Surgent and Sylvie Vanderhoucke, all artists have been personally invited by Angela Jarman.

This is the first show we have held of this genre. The committee invited artist Angela Jarman to the curate 2 parts of this exhibition. The first part of the show has already been launched and was a selected show of CGS members work. This second part is a more personal reference to Angela.

These works display flawless techniques making exquisite use of colour and form and are a vibrant personal testimonial to each artist.

Thank you very much to the artists that were invited to take part in this show and thank you to Angela for all her time and work to help put these two exhibitions together.

This 'Softly, softly' exhibition has been held in 2 parts. This, 2nd part of the show was launched on 28th July 2013


Angela is a British Kilnwork Artist and more about her work can be found at http://www.angelajarman.com

Angela Jarman Statement of Work

Childhood influences permeate Angela Jarman’s work; influences such as nature trails and television programmes, garden ponds and the mini-ecosystems illuminated by the microscope in biology class. Her interest in Freud’s “uncanny” is also very evident as she explores “…ideas relating to feelings invoked in the viewer”…to…”create pieces which have a sense of beauty, but which also have a quality about them which makes them slightly strange and disturbing, a lurking sense of unease, something uncomfortably sinister.”

Using the lost wax casting technique, Angela creates sculpture in mainly colourless glass, including black, which she views as the ultimate absence of colour. Having established her vocabulary of form, she now incorporates metal elements into her sculptures, which highlight their petrified organicness.

The CGS would like to thank Angela very much for all her time and help in curating this show for us.