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New show bowls us over with precious vessels

Iridescence, sweets, sunsets and koi carp – these are just some of the surprising inspirations behind 48 stunning glass vessels, now on show in a virtual exhibition.

The work in the Contemporary Glass Society’s Bowled Over online show is an exquisite example of how individual artists bring their unique creativity to a simple form – in this case, a series of bowls, platters and dishes. The 48 works, selected by the jury from a huge number of entries, also reflect the fascinating range of techniques used by today’s skilled glassmakers.

Many of the works are for sale and the artists can be contacted through the Contemporary Glass Society’s member directory at www.cgs.org.uk/members

The exhibition leads into the Contemporary Glass Society’s Glass Skills 2013 – a whole year of exhibitions to celebrate the glassmaker’s art.

This show was launched on December 4th 2012

Just as the relay of the Olympic torch linked the whole of the UK to the London Games this summer, Glass Games events were linked by another stunning cultural symbol; the Glass Games baton. Commissioned especially from artist Bruce Marks by the Contemporary Glass Society, this beautiful collectible item is now on view in The Gallery at London Glassblowing.

As the leaves fall and mornings become dark and crisp, even those of us who are not particularly into sport would have to admit that the Olympic and Paralympics over the summer make a warm and glowing memory. Why not secure yourself a memento of this wonderful summer, and a unique and dazzling work of art into the bargain? The Glass Games Baton is for sale - £980
The Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) plays a big role in keeping glassmaking alive, and this summer went all out to put glass on the map and help secure a stronger future. The Glass Games 2012 festival, supported by a National Lottery grant from Arts Council England, aimed to bring the artistry, innovation and sheer brilliance of glass to more people than ever before.
Photo: Ester Segarra

Online Gallery of Medallions

Abstract, sculptural, figurative, pictorial – each work of art in our stunning Medallions exhibition is utterly unique.

83 glass artists have created their own re-imagining of the Olympic medal for an exhibition that challenges the inventiveness and skill of artists working in this alchemical medium – among them, world-renowned glassmakers and exciting new talent ffrom as far as Singapore, Spain and Hong Kong, and from Cornwall to Aberdeen and Suffolk to Northern Ireland.

The Medallions exhibition runs from August 22 to September 15 at the Ruskin Glass Centre in Stourbridge. Visitors to the exhibition will also have the chance to buy the works – priced at either £50, £100 or £150 – and take away a stunning memento of the 2012 Games.

Best Medallion in Show, sponsored by Mark Holford:

Major glass collector Mark Holford sponsored a £250 first prize and two runners-up awards of £150 each. The winner will also receive “The Winner’s Gold Medal” designed by Holford in collaboration with Jackson Fawkes.

Winner of 'Best Medallion': Rowan van der Holt
Winners of ‘Runners Up’ award: Vic Bamforth and Junko Eager
Highly Commended: Rachel Elliott, Katharine Coleman, Sandra Young and Joanne Mitchell

The People’s Medallion, sponsored by Alan J Poole of Dan Klein Associates

Alan J Poole – a major glass collector and important advocate for glass art - is offering £250 for the Medal most admired by visitors to the show. Voting will take place for the people’s Medallion during the show from 22 August – 15 September. The winner will be announced at the end of the show.

Winner Sandra Young

Monumental pieces shot through with light, witty installations, and forms – both ethereal and confrontational – that play with the protean qualities of glass….sculptures beautiful and challenging are the stuff of the Contemporary Glass Society’s first-ever online exhibition devoted to work from mainland Europe.

Guest curator Pilar Aldana-Mendez has selected a stunning range of glass sculptures, choosing work that reflects the possibilities of form, colour, light and space unique to glass.Born in Bogota, Colombia, Aldana-Mendez has lived and worked in Barcelona since 1985, when she started her sculpture studies and was later invited to develop glass projects at the Barcelona Glass Centre.

She creates site-specific and small format sculptures and installations, working with glass, stone and wood, as well as light and sound effects. She has placed more than 40 monumental sculptures in natural areas and outdoor museums in Europe, Africa and America. She also teaches specialised sculpture, speaks at conferences, writes articles for magazines and blogs, and has created videos on sculpture techniques. She organises events in Barcelona as part of the oh!BCN group, has been cultural manager for the Catalan Glass Art Association (ACAV) and is an active member of several international glass and sculpture associations. www.aldana-mendez.net

As Part of our Glass Games 2012 events diary, the CGS put together this exciting exhibition especially for the occasion. "Glass Games – a desire, a dream, a vision" brought the work of world-class glass sculptors to The Gallery in Redchurch Street, London hosted from June 13 to 23, 2012.

The following glass artists were selected to take part in this outstanding show of glass. Various works were displayed by each artist but this online exhibition shows a highlight from each artist that took part.

Glass Games 2012 is a summer of celebrations – an extravaganza of glass events that capture the Olympic spirit and bring the artistry, innovation and sheer brilliance of glass to more people than ever before.
Between June 1 and September 30, there’ll be more than 70 exhibitions, fairs, workshops and have-a-go sessions at venues throughout the UK.

Discover the sheer brilliance of glass this summer, with Glass Games 2012. Between June 1 and September 30, there’ll be more than 70 exhibitions, fairs, workshops and have-a-go sessions at venues throughout the UK.

As well as glass events for collectors, makers and anyone with an interest in this magical medium, seven major events will host a stunning glass Olympic baton, created especially for the Games by artist Bruce Marks.

There’ll also be two exciting exhibitions. Glass Games – a desire, a dream, a vision brings the work of world-class glass sculptors to The Gallery in Redchurch Street, London from June 13 to 23. And, from August 22 to September 15, the Ruskin Glass Centre in Stourbridge will be home to a dazzling display of glass medallions – each reflecting the artist’s unique interpretation of the Olympic medal.

Join us for Glass Games 2012 – and discover the magic of glass.

See our searchable events guide. Glass Games is part of London 2012’s Inspire Programme.

This exhibition endeavours to delve a little deeper into the intimacy of the artist working with lampworking or beadmaking techniques.

The artists below unravel the intense level of detail and delicacy required to achieve these tiny and fragile works of art, each one unique and laboriously decorated, and worked into an object of vivid colour and visual abundance.

We hope you enjoy this show and the artists who have been selected to take part.

This show is unique for CGS and features work by International Glass Artists ( mainly non-members). We wished to expand the knowledge and depth of Glass Art worldwide and share ideas and skill across an International platform, both with our members but also to artists and collectors further afield. It is possibly our most exciting exhibition yet and we were flooded with submissions from as far away as New Zealand, Japan and Canada. Selection was tough, but 44 glass artists have been selected for the show, we hope you enjoy this superb perspective of international glass and a big thank you to all those that applied.