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This exhibition launched in December 2010, aims to excite and challenge thoughts on the artistry of glass when combined with other materials. Often the the juxtaposition of materials creates a stark and contrasted beauty of form, colour, texture and light, and glass is crafted to beautiful effect when enhanced in this this way. This was a selected exhibition.

This exhibition has been curated by Kate Jones. All entries were put forward for selection and Kate has kindly selected the pieces for us this time around. This exhibition reflects the wonderful spectrum of our members work that demonstrates a sensitive response to interior spaces, adding to the vibrance and beauty of interior worlds. The exhibition was launched on 29th October 2010.

This exhibition launched on the 14th of August 2010 shows highlights of graduates work from the New Designers Exhibition 2010, recently held in London. This show was was a selected exhibition and selection was made by invited artists.

Launched in June 2010 this exhibition highlights the fact that glass plays a key role in nearly all significant modern works of architecture, particularly in the artistic sense, this is proven by many examples of modern architecture: transparency, the possibility to decorate the surface, the way the building reveals different sides of its nature according to whether it is day or night, or how delicate divisions can be made with glass. The diversity of our members work reveals this intertwining of structure, decoration, light and space.

A celebration of surface Pattern in Glass. Surface Pattern is a collection of 27 glass artists whose work reflects surface pattern in glass, by the use of colours, intricate kiln techniques, sandblasting decoration and cutting. The exhibition will highllight a variety of work that reflects the diverse techniques of our members. This exhibition was launched in February 2010.