Previous Exhibitions

" Interactive Glass - A first for CGS (to include video and film)"- was launched on 18th of October 2017

'CELEBRATIONS'- Sponsored by Mark Holford
(Online highlights of the CGS Open Exhibition at the International Festival of Glass, 25th August – 9th September 2017)

This online gallery glass exhibition will explore the theme of being 'In Relationship'. We asked glass artists what it meant for them.

"Relationship-The way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected."

We asked members if their work was smashed, flattened, crumpled or collapsed?
Or whether their work was a piece of something new by crushing traditional forms or breaking work apart?

The Contemporary Glass Society supporting glass in Latin America.

The Contemporary Glass Society (UK) is delighted to announce an online exhibition of 44 selected glass artists residing in Latin America.

This latest Exhibition is themed around flameworking, and finding inspiration from the following poem:

Short Flames poem by Raul Moreno|

Liquid Fire
Eruption of ash,
Earth bleeds as the mountain vents:
A river of flames.

This online gallery show is themed around multiples of objects.

Contrasting collections of items and glass in multiples.

noun: multiple
a number that may be divided by another a certain number of times without a remainder.

A CGS online exhibition of Architectural Installations.

20 CGS members were selected, to submit one photo of work selected by the CGS board.

The theme for the show was for work to architectural and of work that had to principally be installed within an interior.

This show is an online European Glass Show (Open to non-members). There is no allotted theme, just a show of contemporary glass from artists living, working or studying in Europe..

45 artists were selected by the CGS committee and we are delighted to share their work.

Glass Art that is also functional!

35 CGS members were selected to take part in this showcase of functional glass.

Thank you to all those that submitted an image of work.

The launch date for this online exhibition: 23rd May 2016.

60 members were selected from a wide range of entries for this gallery exhibition themed around birds, or work that is influenced by birds.

The show was launched on 18th March 2016.

We thought we could all do with something to brighten up the winter months of January and February and bring in something to make us dream of sun and warmth!

The theme for this online gallery show is simple. Something yellow!

Our honorary member Peter Layton has help put together and suggest images for a Memorial Exhibition for Glass Artist Karen Lawrence who sadly passed away in 2013.

We are thrilled to launch this online exhibition of 20 Australian Glass Artists and Makers from Ausglass – the Australian Association of Glass Artists Ltd

An online exhibition highlighting 25 member artists that demonstrate the art of printing on to glass.

This little exhibition takes references from green issues and sustainability topics.

20 artists share work that is environmentally-led or examines green issues and forms of recycling. The art work shown is influenced by issues that relate to man and his relationship with the planet.

41 CGS artists reveal their work using the technique of Pate de Verre.

Our wonderful wall of glass postcards at The international Festival of Glass in Stourbridge has been a huge success.


45 member artists that question the surface of glass and employ sandblasting techniques to enhance their work were chosen for this show.

The Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) presents ‘Bits and Pieces-Glass Mosaic Show’, an online glass exhibition that showcases the glass work of Glass Mosaic Artists.