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  • 60 members were selected from a wide range of entries for this gallery exhibition themed around birds, or work that is influenced by birds.

    The show was launched on 18th March 2016.

    We thought we could all do with something to brighten up the winter months of January and February and bring in something to make us dream of sun and warmth!

    The theme for this online gallery show is simple. Something yellow!

    Our honorary member Peter Layton has help put together and suggest images for a Memorial Exhibition for Glass Artist Karen Lawrence who sadly passed away in 2013.

    We are thrilled to launch this online exhibition of 20 Australian Glass Artists and Makers from Ausglass – the Australian Association of Glass Artists Ltd

    An online exhibition highlighting 25 member artists that demonstrate the art of printing on to glass.

    This little exhibition takes references from green issues and sustainability topics.

    20 artists share work that is environmentally-led or examines green issues and forms of recycling. The art work shown is influenced by issues that relate to man and his relationship with the planet.

    41 CGS artists reveal their work using the technique of Pate de Verre.

    Our wonderful wall of glass postcards at The international Festival of Glass in Stourbridge has been a huge success.


    45 member artists that question the surface of glass and employ sandblasting techniques to enhance their work were chosen for this show.

    The Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) presents ‘Bits and Pieces-Glass Mosaic Show’, an online glass exhibition that showcases the glass work of Glass Mosaic Artists.

    Purity is the absence of impurity or contaminants in a substance.

    Ice is water frozen into a solid state. Depending on the presence of impurities such as particles of soil or bubbles of air, it can appear transparent or a more or less opaque bluish-white color.

    Balance is concerned with the distribution of visual interest- what is where in a composition. Balance can also be described as achieving equilibrium. Many people automatically gravitate to symmetry.

    This online exhibition showcases the work of 11 glass artists from Catalonia.

    Curation of this show was assisted by Pilar Aldana-Méndez who very kindly helped select artists who she felt represented the distinct flavour and energy of this unique region.

    From a huge number of entries, 44 member artists have been chosen to present work that uses animals and wildlife to explore their creativity.

    The work conveys the power, vulnerability, fragility, awe, delicacy, colour and sheer beauty of the animal kingdom.

    As humans, we are the only species which consciously, deliberately alters its appearance. Bodily expression can communicate things which words never can. Far from a frivolous, inconsequential medium of expression, the personalised body lies at the heart of human nature and potential.

    With the success of the exhibition for the Dylan Thomas International Glass Competition, the CGS thought it would be a good idea to highlight all those who entered the competition in order be able to view works online.

    The Contemporary Glass Society was thrilled to be take part in the fabulous four day arts extravaganza on 17th – 20th July 2014 at Art in Action.

    We are absolutely delighted to launch this exhibition. It is one of a kind.

    This is the first show we have held that celebrates the technique of water jet cutting.

    With all the recent storms and flooding we have experienced recently, we thought it would be appropriate to find a way to celebrate the unique drama of weather and the elements that we have witnessed this year!