'Out of Town' - Open USA: 43 American Glass Artists

We are absolutely delighted to launch this exhibition. It is one of a kind.

43 glass artists from the USA have been selected for this show. The aim being for them to not only share their work with us, but hopefully connect with our international audience and also demonstrate their level of skill to our members and collectors.

It is an open show, the artists selected can be CGS members or non-members. All juried selections have been made by the Contemporary Glass Society Board.

The CGS also encouraged a response from those artists who are attended the 2014 GAS Conference in the USA.

We think you will agree that the depth and quality of the work shown really makes this show unique and we are very happy to be hosting these artists.

American glass has maintained a strong and prolific platform within the context of contemporary glass, since the first prominent phase began there in 1962. The then-ceramics professor Harvey Littleton and chemist Dominick Labino thus started the beginnings of what was to become the contemporary glassblowing movement. The impetus for the movement consisted of their two workshops at the Toledo Museum of Art, during which they began experimenting with melting glass in a small furnace and creating blown glass art. Littleton and Labino were the first to make molten glass feasible for artists in private studios.

The growth of studio art glass led to the formation of glass schools and art studios located across the country. The largest concentrations of glass artists are located in Seattle, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. San Francisco, Los Angeles/Orange County and Corning, NY, also have sizable concentrations of artists working in glass.

Thank you to all those that entered work and took time to respond. We hope you enjoy the exhibition.

The show was launched on 21st June 2014,