'Make Your Mark'

The theme for this show is Mark Making on Glass.

Glass artists make their Mark.

From finely etched lines to emotive gestural flourishes, when artists make their mark in glass, the results are beautiful, surprising and sometimes challenging.

This new Contemporary Glass Society exhibition explores the creativity, variety and dexterity of artists who make marks on and into glass, using techniques ranging from cutting and engraving to painting and staining.

Twenty-seven CGS members were chosen for the show, which is part of the CGS Glass Skills 2013 – a whole year of exhibitions, events and workshops that highlight the part glassmakers play in keeping ancient skills alive, and in adapting them to create innovative and original art for today.

Emma Garnham has also very kindly written an article to accompany the show, on her own use of mark-making and how she uses this skill in her work. The article can be seen at http://cgs.org.uk/information/107

The exhibition was launched on the 3rd April 2013

As with all online gallery exhibitions, this was a juried show, selected by the CGS Committee.