Glass Skills: Cutting Edge Showcase 4 (Stained Glass)

We are very pleased to launch our fourth and final Glass Skills Showcase of this year.

These works are transparent and rich pieces that carry the light and convey beauty through colour and luminescence. The works vary from sharp and graphic, to soft and dusky pieces rich in colour.

This unique online show features work by Flore Jamieson, Kate Henderson, Ginger Ferrell and Tom Pearman.

The Cutting Edge Showcase series gives an intense burst of art at the vanguard of contemporary glasswork. It’s part of the Glass Skills programme – a whole year of exhibitions that explore the part that glassmakers play in keeping ancient skills alive, and in adapting them to create innovative and original art for today. As well as major CGS-organised events, there are linked exhibitions with some of the most important organisations and galleries in the UK.

This show was launched on 8th December 2013