The Glass Games 2012 Baton By Bruce Marks

Just as the relay of the Olympic torch linked the whole of the UK to the London Games this summer, Glass Games events were linked by another stunning cultural symbol; the Glass Games baton. Commissioned especially from artist Bruce Marks by the Contemporary Glass Society, this beautiful collectible item is now on view in The Gallery at London Glassblowing.

As the leaves fall and mornings become dark and crisp, even those of us who are not particularly into sport would have to admit that the Olympic and Paralympics over the summer make a warm and glowing memory. Why not secure yourself a memento of this wonderful summer, and a unique and dazzling work of art into the bargain? The Glass Games Baton is for sale - £980
The Contemporary Glass Society (CGS) plays a big role in keeping glassmaking alive, and this summer went all out to put glass on the map and help secure a stronger future. The Glass Games 2012 festival, supported by a National Lottery grant from Arts Council England, aimed to bring the artistry, innovation and sheer brilliance of glass to more people than ever before.
Photo: Ester Segarra