'Cut to the Chase': Water jet Cutting Show

This is the first show we have held that celebrates the technique of water jet cutting. Although water jet cutting has long been used for a variety of materials, over recent years water jet cutting has revolutionised the glass industry and is now being explored by artists as a way to interpret precise and intricate ideas within glass.

The CGS invited both non members and members from the UK and abroad, to apply for this show. The result is this dazzling array of finely-crafted work of 20 glass artists from around the globe.

Artists included orginate from Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, The USA, Norway, Spain and Wales.

Renowned Glass artist Vanessa Cutler also kindly assisted in the selection and curation of the work shown. Vanessa's work is concerned with pushing the parameters of water jet cutting technology and she is considered a specialist in her field.

We asked her to highlight her thoughts on the process of water jet cutting and it's current use within glass art:

"As someone who encountered the water jet process about 20yrs ago its application has developed now into something that glass artists can now really apply effectively and innovatively into their work.

The use of water jet cutting has now become established within the glass artists toolkit. As digital technology plays an increasing role in the development of ideas the use of such machinery is becoming easier to access, by knowing the types of files and not being shy in giving it a go artists are now displaying its aesthetical and mechanical application. Aesthetical in terms of following exactly as the artists intentions, the ability to draw and reproduce the forms required. Mechanical in terms of accuracy and repeatability.

As more artists have explored the process other have followed opening and enabling exploration and new areas of interpretation across all areas of glass. The process has fed into kiln-forming, hot glass application as well as the architectural, allowing size and scale to be exploited. Throughout he world the process is being used from the repetition of shapes for efficiency in cutting for architectural projects through the limited runs, production pieces to the one-off’s that demonstrate the artists ideas rather that the technical ability of just one process. This process is part of the tool kit and this exhibition of works just the process demonstrate how it is being applied and that it is available to anyone in all fields of glass. "

The show was launched in May 2014.