Collectomania: West Meets East

Broadfield House Glass Museum, Dudley

Our Collectomania exhibitions give visitors the chance to find out more about unusual collections and the interesting people who collect them. The latest Collectomania features Clive Manison, a glass enthusiast and historian who is particularly interested in how the Western world was influenced by Eastern cultures in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Imprint: Casting in Glass

Imprint: Casting in Glass

An exhibition of Casting in Glass ( International Open exhibition)


Imprint: Casting in Glass - Coming soon...

An international show of new and established glass artists. This online exhibition will include members and also non-members who specialise in casting in glass, and will be launched on the 1st of February 2013.

HOT Glass! New Work from the Furnace

Fiery from the furnace - the year’s hottest art. A stunning exhibition showing installations, sculpture, conceptual pieces, created using the techniques of hot-working, sand-casting and blowing. The show is a collaboration between the CGS and Contemporary Applied Arts, London.

Glass Skills - The Unbroken Line

Glass Skills - The Unbroken Line
A year of exhibitions that celebrate the glassmaker’s skill

The Contemporary Glass Society highlights 15 exhibitions taking place throughout 2013 at some of the UK’s top galleries. The shows present the ingenuity and sheer talent of today’s glass artists and represent an unbroken line of glass-making skill – taking us from the ancient past, through the creative present and into the future.

New Glass – Ancient Skill, Contemporary Artform at Blackwell House

This exhibition launches Glass Skills 2013, and will reveal something of the hidden processes that underpin the glassmaker’s art. Drawings, models and photographic documentation of processes will be presented alongside the work. The show is a collaboration between the Lakeland Arts Trust and the CGS.

Pieces will be shown in Blackwell’s exhibition galleries, but also throughout the house itself, blending the craftsmanship of the past with the artistry of the present.


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