CGS Reports

2004-05 The South West Research Project:

The South West Research Project, funded by a Grants for Arts award from Arts Council England (ACE), was initiated by the Contemporary Glass Society in 2004-2005 as part of its ongoing strategy to promote excellence in contemporary glass in the UK. The research was designed to identify those involved or interested in glass, their needs and how the CGS could help them to achieve their aims, facilitate professional development and thereby promote contemporary glass. The South West region was chosen for this research project as at that point it had the highest proportion of membership of the CGS in the UK; both then and now it has a large concentration of people and organisations involved in or interested in glass.

The research covered not only what the CGS has been doing and how effective it has been, but also invited participants to give their comments about needs, future development and propose new initiatives. The research project also investigated the possibility of a large-scale glass event in the South West region, to be held in 2007. It enabled the CGS to bring activities in the region into focus and inform strategies for professional development, future activities and to generally raise the profile of the contemporary glass arts.

2001 Liverpool Conference Report

2000 St Ives Conference Report

1998 Sunderland Conference Report

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